Pepper The Receptionist

Robots Of London developed software for the first ever Robot Receptionist in London. Subsequently, we have many Pepper Robots across Europe using our software.


Pepper The Tourist Guide

Pepper is the perfect solution for Airports, Train Stations, Museums or any tourist attraction. 


Pepper The Data Collector

Pepper has the ability to collect a vast amount of data. Our research shows that people are 70% more likely to give information to Pepper than they are to a human!


Pepper The Car Salesman

Pepper is the perfect car salesperson. She has the ability to show and explain all the different models available and you can ask her any technical question…..and you will get an honest answer!


Pepper The Estate Agent

Pepper is the perfect Estate Agent. Not only can she show you properties that are available from a live database, but she can also take you on a live tour of the property, as well as explain all the features together with both images and videos!


Pepper The Perfect Host - Guest Check In

Pepper can be the perfect host. Pepper can not only greet your guests but can check in them in via her tablet. 


Pepper The Screen Controller

Imagine taking to Pepper and with your voice she is able to control a supersized screen whether its a on stage presentation to showing a video.


Pepper - Chat Bot


Pepper The Retail Assistant


Pepper The Marketer


Pepper The Hotel Concierge

Pepper is the perfect Hotel Concierge. She can tell you the latest weather, news and sport as well as arrange for clean towels, extra pillows and even arrange for you to rental car.

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